Do’s and Don’ts of a Bathroom Remodel

Do’s and Don’ts of a Bathroom Remodel

Many homeowners have a tough time navigating their bathroom remodels – it’s a warranted difficulty as this is one of the most complex home improvement projects. For starters, it has a relatively high cost – an average of $11,223 in the USA. It also involves multiple tradespeople like electricians, plumbers, builders, designers, etc. 

If you want to get around the process smoother and quicker, here are all the do’s and don’ts of organizing a bathroom remodel in St Petersburg

What To Do?

  1. Consider sustainability – The world is gradually shifting toward a more energy-efficient future. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, choose energy-efficient fixtures, include recycled materials or furniture, and use local suppliers. 
  2. Include enough storage – People often forget bathroom storage; however, this is the key to a successful bathroom renovation. You can opt for a classic choice like floating vanities or include something more unique like hidden storage and multi-purpose furniture. 
  3. Plan your budget – Budget wisely right from the start! A great tip is to leave extra money on the side in case something unpredictable and costly happens. For instance, contractors can find an issue with the bathroom before the remodel starts (mold, termites, faulty plumbing, etc.)
  4. Create a mood board – While a complex remodel takes place, it’s important to stay on track and stay true to your initial vision. A mood board is a great way to remind yourself of this vision, as you can always reference it in times of need. 
  5. Hire experienced builders – The key to a successful remodel is hiring experienced and knowledgeable builders. Not only that, but they should have worked on similar projects in the past and have a satisfying number of positive reviews from previous clients. 

What To Avoid?

  1. Forgetting building codes – People usually associate building codes with large construction projects. However, some states and neighborhoods require building codes for home improvement projects too. So, discover whether you need a permit to renovate your bathroom. 
  2. Not budgeting – Remember, bathroom remodels can be costly. So, reevaluate your finances and budget wisely! Research material and labor costs in your area to get a clearer perspective. You can also compare offers from different contractors to pick the best option. 
  3. Choosing only cheap materials – Material quality is equally important as the price. Choosing cheaper materials sounds like a great way to save money. However, it’s not cost-efficient in the long run as you would need to replace everything much sooner and more unexpectedly, ending with you spending more money than the initial plan.
  4. Forgetting to plan ahead – It’s easy to get caught up in a home improvement project, especially a bathroom renovation. That’s why you should make a plan from the get-go and make sure you stick to it! 

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