A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Builder

A Guide to Choosing the Right Home Builder

Home building is both an exciting project and a huge investment that needs careful planning and decision-making. Hiring the right home builders in Saint Petersburg, FL will help complete the job smoothly and effortlessly.

Florida is a state with strict building construction standards due to its volatile weather conditions. When choosing a home builder, be sure that they follow these standards and keep the process and budget on track. 

Keep reading to learn what a home builder does and how hiring the right one can help ensure a seamless building process.

What Do Home Builders Do?

Home builders are contractors involved in the entire home construction process. It’s best to include them from the very beginning so they can help guide homeowners through the process. 

You can choose between design-build firms and build-on-your-lot home builders.

The design-build home builders work on custom designs for homes made from scratch. They also deliver assistance from in-house or outsourced architects and interior designers.

The build-on-your-lot home builders offer an already-made floor plan with less space for alterations.

Do Thorough Research

Building a home is a serious project, and you’ll only want the best people for the job. 

Follow these steps when researching for a reputable and licensed builder: 

  • Prepare a list of must-have items the builder has to provide
  • Select builders that specialize in a particular type of structure that matches yours
  • Verify the builder’s experience and ask to see their work
  • Verify credentials by asking for proof of insurance and proof of licenses
  • Read reviews and ratings to get an idea of the builder’s reputation
  • Ask home builders about warranties to be sure you are covered if they go out of business
  • Ask to tour a current job site and pay attention to materials, safety, and quality

What to Ask a Home Builder

Reputable and licensed home builders are members of NAHB, local home builder groups, and other relevant groups and organizations. 

Check all the references you can find, and don’t be shy about asking questions and details, such as:

  • A list of references (vendors, customers, subcontractors, and suppliers) you can contact.
  • Type of materials used for construction. You can ask about the type of wood used, whether there’ll be plastic or copper plumbing, whether they can add window casings, and others.
  • How do they guarantee the quality, and what happens when the work is not up to your standards?
  • Do they offer a warranty?

Get Everything in Writing

Putting everything on paper is the best option for you and the home builder. From materials used to warranty terms, timeframe, and discounts, every agreed detail should be put in writing and included in the contract.

Don’t take their word for it and leave it to the “I said this, you said that” type of communication. Every reputable home builder wants to have all project details recorded and agreed upon.

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