Ways to Maximize Space in Your New Kitchen

Ways to Maximize Space in Your New Kitchen

Sufficient space is a problem in every kitchen, regardless of size and shape. Homeowners are turning to inventive kitchen storage solutions to maximize the use of the space, such as deep drawer organizers and revolving corner trays. 

Storage may feel tight at first glance, but there are many ways to free it up and have fun with it! In the following article, we’ll show you how to maximize your kitchen and where to get the best kitchen cabinets in St. Petersburg

Create Flow

Create an open space that will provide flow through the room while at the same time using the full potential of the walls. You can accomplish this by putting all the appliances against a wall. Then, you can install a peninsula or an island to partition the kitchen from the living room. 

Use the Advantage of Cabinet Design

Cabinets free up storage, so using every inch of them is a must. Many homeowners make the mistake of making the cabinets smaller instead of extending them all the way to the ceiling. 

Taller cabinets allow you to play around with the shelves inside and customize them according to your needs. Higher shelves usually serve for items you don’t use every day or simply for storage of extra items. You should put the things you use daily close to hand on the lower shelves.

Take Advantage of All the Storage Space

Take Advantage of All the Storage Space

Maximizing the storage space in a small square footage house is a blessing. Base cabinets have lots of unused space in the back that is difficult to reach. Install roll-out units, and you will always know what is hiding in the back of your cabinet. 

Use the pull-out unit to store all spices and small ingredients. Add narrow shelves on one end of your island to make it more functional and turn it into yet another storage space. 

Make Blind-Corner Cabinets Accessible

Every kitchen has that one corner cabinet that is always half-empty and unused. Because the corner is a hard place to reach for many, companies that design kitchens continuously brainstorm inventive ways to use all that space available in the corner cabinets. 

Look for numerous sliding shelves and fold-out devices that will organize your corner cabinet and allow you to use all that storage space that usually sits empty. 

Collapsable Counters

Kitchen design has advanced significantly and introduced new and fresh ideas into the kitchen. For those with limited countertop space, there is a solution. 

Introduce a drop leaf surface to be used when needed and will otherwise remain folded on the side without taking up any space. You can install it on the side of the base cabinet, allowing you to extend the length of a fixed countertop. 

Another option is to install it on the wall and use it as a table or an extra counter space. 

H.E. Feldman & Son: Premium Kitchen Cabinets in St. Petersburg

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