How much does it cost to add on or build per square foot?
The price varies according to the size of your project and the level of finish you want. Typically our clients spend between $200 – $300 per square foot for additions and new home construction.
If I live out of town/state, can you do my project?
Yes, today’s technology makes it easy! Project updates can be communicated instantly by emailing or texting photos or videos.
What is a FEMA 50% rule project?
When you are adding onto or remodeling a home in a flood zone, the FEMA 50% rule requires that your project be limited to 50% of the value of the structure on the property.
How often does H.E. Feldman & Son do FEMA 50% rule projects?
80% of our jobs are in flood plains. We have 29 years of experience handling these kinds of projects, and we do so on a regular basis.
Who designs for H.E. Feldman & Son?
We are a design/build company that designs the majority of our projects. We also work with several local architects who we would be happy to recommend upon request.