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Transform Your Property to Meet Your Needs

Your commercial remodel project will maximize your space and meet your business growth needs. Our team is experienced in remodeling various commercial properties in the Tampa Bay area, including:

• Office Buildings
• Grocery Stores
• Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
• Restaurants
• Warehouses

Many of our commercial projects aim to:

• Update Interiors and Exteriors Revamp the space to make it more beautiful and functional. This is ideal for restaurants, stores, and office spaces that want to keep up with the latest design trends. Well make your business look great.
• Maximize Space Lets put idle space to good use. By remodeling, you’ll have more space for a growing workforce or expanding operations.
• Increase Energy Efficiency Install energy-efficient features to outdated buildings. This will keep your energy costs to a minimum.
• Improve Safety and Accessibility Revamp the entire space to make it safer and accessible for employees and customers.

Whatever your remodel goals are, our team will meet them.

A Design-Build Company

As a design-build firm, H.E. Feldman & Son provides both design and remodeling services for a majority of our projects. Because only one crew does the entire job, you won’t deal with the stress of coordinating multiple vendors and teams. It will save you time and resources. Plus, you only talk with one point-person.

However, we also work with local architects, and we’d be happy to recommend upon request.

Seamless Project Management

Since 1974, H.E. Feldman & Son has earned the trust of commercial property managers because of our efficient project management.

  • Follow Your Budget. During designing, well share solutions that fit your budget. And throughout the remodel, well follow it, no matter how big or small it is.
  • Meet Your Deadline. Well provide a realistic turnaround time for the project. Our diligent team will meet your deadline.
  • Provide Updates. You’ll receive regular updates for the remodel, complete with photos and videos.

More importantly, you’ll work with a friendly and punctual crew. Were approachable, so if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

Compliance with the FEMA 50% Rule

The FEMA 50% Rule limits any remodeling project to 50% of the value of the structure on the property.
H.E. Feldman & Son does regular remodels of properties on flood plains. Were well-versed in the FEMA 50% Rule and other relevant regulations. Leave the compliance matters to our team.

We Work with Remote Clients

If you’re based outside the Tampa Bay area, we can still remodel your property. Well collaborate through virtual communications and send texts and emails for project updates (with photos and videos).

Our Commercial Construction Projects

Take a look at some of the offices, retail spaces, and other commercial properties we have built across the Tampa Bay area..

What Our Previous Clients Say

I highly recommend H.E. Feldman & Son Inc. who built my beautiful home on Boca Ciega Bay! It is sturdy and energy efficient. Our home is 3200 sq. ft. and we have never had a power bill reach $300. Also, I cannot hear outside noise such as powers boats barreling down the inter-coastal waterway. I love my house! Thank you H.E. Feldman and Son! You did a great job!

Carol H.

Evelyn and I are so thrilled with the two-story beach house Todd and his associates built for us in Treasure Island three years ago that we're going to have H.E. Feldman & Son add a third floor in the coming months. The house is tight, strong, energy efficient and just what we wanted. Now we want more, and we have complete confidence that Todd and his crew will build us the retirement home of our dreams. We used HE Feldman to do all of the repairs from our sinkhole damage. We could not have been more pleased with the end result! We had to live through many months of construction, both inside and out. Todd Feldman and all of the guys that he had working for him were all courteous, friendly and professional. Thanks so much H.E. Feldman & Son! Pool deck done beautifully with new pavers.

Frank B.