Commercial Property Additions and Renovations Worth Investing In

Commercial Property Additions and Renovations Worth Investing In

According to the latest data from accounting firm PWC, nearly 40% of consumers prefer purchasing items in a physical store over online shopping. This shows that there is still value in retail and office spaces despite the pandemic.

But to get the edge over the competition among other local stores, your shop needs to offer more for the customers than just products. You need to provide an all-around customer experience.

HE Feldman & Sons have done years of commercial renovation and remodeling for stores throughout Florida. From experience, add-ons to a commercial property can improve store traffic and even improve customer brand retention, as the store offers perks that others don’t have. 

The Benefits of Property Additions

The add-ons give customers a reason to stay longer within the store and are more likely to add to their purchases. The right renovations also give you a more creative means of displaying your products, making them appear more inviting and increasing the likelihood of customers purchasing them.

Finally, beneficial add-ons or perks give customers a better perception of your store and brand. They feel more appreciated as customers. And most of all, they’ll think that there is more value in visiting your store than your local competitors who don’t offer the same benefits.

Commercial Property Add-Ons Worth Your Money

An in-store lounge area

For large retail stores, groceries, clothing, or general merchandise, having an in-store lounge allows customers to sit down and rest from all their walking. Adding a lounge area with comfortable seating, a table, or a baggage check-in will be well-received by tired shoppers. They’ll be more likely to hang around and make a few more purchases.

You can add more benefits to this area, such as a WiFi service, phone charging services, or a nursing cubicle for mothers. You can make the lounge a perk for membership or VIP customers, motivating them to sign up for a loyalty program.

Dining area

Customers will gravitate to a mini-dining area with room for food kiosks or in-store food, especially if they involve ingredients from products you sell. They can act as samples for your product. If they enjoy the food, they are more likely to purchase the ingredients within your store.

Furthermore, a dining area with food and drink options is seen as a bonus. Shoppers can make their purchases and grab a quick meal simultaneously. Office workers from neighboring buildings can come to get their lunch or buy snacks from your store.

Hybrid spaces

Hybrid spaces within your store can give you multiple uses. When you build a hybrid space in-store, you have room for product demonstrations, hands-on workshops, notable product launches, and an area for partner pop-up kiosks.

These spaces get plenty of return on investment for store owners by giving you an area that staff can convert for different commercial purposes instead of just having wall-to-wall products. Customers will always have something new to look forward to in your store.

Window showcase

You can improve foot traffic into your store just by adding large display windows to your store. Improve your curbside appeal by creating a window showcase that allows passersby to immediately see what you’re selling and what your brand represents.

Renovating this area into an ideal product showcase spot, with a dais, stands, and brilliant lighting systems immediately raise the sophistication of the store. It makes it appear like a boutique. And with the products on display in the bright lights, the store looks more inviting for customers and is more likely to coax them to shop.

Renovations Done Right 

To maximize your return on investment in store remodels and renovations, consult with professionals who can provide valuable design input as well as quality workmanship. 

Commercial renovations need to be planned and executed correctly to maximize customer traffic by creating paths, areas to catch their attention and planning strategic sections of interest.

HE Feldman & Sons’ extensive commercial remodeling experience can assure store owners and commercial property managers that all remodeling work is done professionally. We can provide expert advice on creating inviting spaces that bring in customers and pique customer interest. 

Contact us today to get your project started, or browse all our available services to learn more. 

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