Design Tips for a Dream Master Bathroom

Design Tips for a Dream Master Bathroom

During the remodeling craze of 2021, bathrooms have taken a high priority, with 30% of the home improvement projects revolving around renovating this space. Stay-at-home guidelines and work-from-home situations have prompted a wave of bathroom remodeling as a way of improving homeowners’ quality of life. 

HE Feldman & Son have done a lot of work in residential bathroom remodeling. We understand that a great bathroom can immediately add a sense of luxury to a living space. Homeowners want new bathrooms that are more than just a place to groom. It’s a place to pamper the body. 

But designing for a functional and stylish master bathroom calls for more than chrome taps and a new showerhead. 

Consider the following design tips.

Creating the Dream Master Bathroom

Create more space

One of the key features of a luxurious master bathroom is space. You can remodel your home to give your bathroom a larger overall area, taking it from an adjoining room or space. Alternatively, to become more space-efficient, you can simply remodel the bathroom to rearrange the features, such as the sink, tub, shower, toilet, and other areas.

Another way to add a unique feature while creating more space is to install a sliding door to your bathroom or shower area. It eliminates the issue of a door’s inward or outward swing, giving you more space to add storage or a vanity area. It can also serve as the divider to your shower area in place of a curtain. 

Excellent lighting

When discussing excellent lighting, bathrooms may not be the first place you think of. But strategic lights can imbue the bathroom with comfortable daylight that makes it appear larger, extending the space. Furthermore, as you’ll be using the bathroom to shave or put on makeup, great lighting is necessary for you to see everything that you’re doing when in front of the vanity.

One great way to add lighting seamlessly through a bathroom is by using LED light strips. These can be placed just behind the mirror panels, creating the visual illusion of a floating mirror. You can also add strips beneath the vanity or storage cabinets to illuminate the floors. 

Expansive storage

Adding storage to your bathroom is necessary to make it more functional. By adding more storage space to your bathroom, you won’t have to go anywhere else for your grooming needs or when you prepare to go out. 

Store your towels, robes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more easily accessible shelves. You can create storage opportunities by adding mobile shelving units or having new storage shelves or cabinets mounted on the walls. Another great idea is to add a seat for the vanity area that doubles as a container for items such as toilet rolls.

Large shower area

If you don’t have a tub, expanding the shower area will also make the area appear more luxurious and expansive. Expand your shower space, adding multiple shower heads that could come from overhead or across you to direct water to the body. You can also add a customized nook within the wall or a shelf to hold shower products and soaps.

A Luxurious Bath Space Designed By Professionals

Ultimately, the best master bathroom is one that is most suitable to your wants and preferences. When you understand how you’re going to use the bathroom, what conveniences you want in it, and what features will satisfy you the most, you can consult with design professionals to help you put it together.

HE Feldman & Son has done expansive residential bathroom remodeling across the state, from large master bathrooms to modifications to small bathrooms that make them appear more spacious. 

Consult with our team today and let us help you put together a master bathroom that satisfies your needs. You may also view our project gallery to get inspiration.

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