How to Stay on Schedule During Your Home Remodeling Project

How to Stay on Schedule During Your Home Remodeling Project

On average, home remodels can take anywhere from three to four months. However, that only covers the core construction time. Improper planning, unexpected repairs, and missing permits can double the build time of even the simplest home addition project. 

To avoid a long and expensive home remodeling project, here are some tips to help you stay on schedule.

1. Set a Budget

First, sit down and take the time to discuss the overall budget for the project with your family. Talk about how much money you can set aside every week or month to put towards the home remodeling job, and then stick to it! 

This will help keep you on track for meeting deadlines. If you find that you cannot afford to do something, you can save it for the next month or year.

  • Protip: Setting aside a small amount of money every week/month is very important, even if you are not spending it. This will help keep your emergency savings intact, which you will need if something goes wrong with the project or an unexpected expense comes up.

2. Schedule Your Workdays

Once your budget is set, it’s time to sit down and discuss how to schedule your workdays. By creating a clear schedule, your contractor will be able to know when they can work and when you’ll be available in case they need to discuss something with you.

You may not all be available every day, so plan accordingly.

  • Protip: It is very important to keep these workdays free of other plans! If you do not have a dedicated block of time to work on it, you might not get your project done within your target duration.

3. Choose a Start Date

You have a budget, you have your workdays set; now it is time to choose a start date! Look at your calendar and pick as many contiguous days as possible for beginning the project. 

A weekend works best since most people do not have anything else going on then. But if your weekends are already booked you have to choose a weekday.

  • Protip: If your target start date falls on a holiday, pick another one! You don’t want to start this project during a long weekend because it could stretch out even longer. 

4. Be Accountable

To make yourself accountable, find a trusted friend or family member and tell them when you are planning to start the project. If they ask about it a month later, you have to answer truthfully.

This is extremely helpful during the planning or designing phase. If you have a set deadline or a habit of constantly revising your plans, keeping yourself accountable can help you stay on track. 

  • Protip: Working with a contractor or designer can drastically cut down the time required to plan or design your project. They usually remind you of your project’s pace and how far off you are from starting or finishing the project. 

5. Choose the right contractor

Choosing the right contractor is a factor in staying on schedule. Professional and reliable contractors keep their end of the deal; they know what they are doing and are always punctual in delivering their services. Before signing a contract with your chosen company or giving them advanced payment, make sure you can trust your contractor.

  • Protip: Talk to friends and family who have hired this contractor before, or check online reviews. Choose the best option that you can afford. If your contractor is not competent enough to finish the job on time, you might end up paying more. 

Remodeling your home can be a time-consuming and expensive project, but with the right planning, mindset, and professional help,  you should be able to stay on schedule. H.E. Feldman & Son is a reliable home remodeling company that prides itself on timely project completion. If you are planning to remodel your home, contact us today. We can discuss your plans and provide a free estimate of your desired outcome.

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