Universal Design Bathroom

Universal Design Bathroom

Industries keep changing as people become more aware of the impact they have on the planet and each other. For instance, upcycling and biomaterials will become most relevant in the near future. The interior design and architecture fields are not immune to these changes. 

Another similar trend that has good intentions at its core is universal design. If you are planning a bathroom remodel in St. Petersburg FL, consider this concept! Read below to learn more about it and the best universal bathroom design ideas. 

What Is Universal Design?

Universal design is a modern design concept that embraces living spaces that are comfortable and accessible to everyone, regardless of a person’s age, size, or physical abilities. It can be applied to every type of room and the design of the house in general. 

Best Ideas for Universal Bathroom Design

When it comes to universal bathroom design, you should focus on making the bathroom comfortable, risk-free, and easy to use for everyone.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

Large Doorway

A must-have feature in any room with a universal design is a large doorway. The preferred width is 36 inches, so people with mobility devices can easily pass through. In addition, the door should open outward instead of inward.

No Threshold

Even though it’s best to have a threshold that visually separates your bathroom from the hallway, a universal bathroom shouldn’t have one. Thresholds are pretty risky, considering how they are elevated and can go unnoticed by many people. Unfortunately, this can result in dangerous slips. 

Curbless Shower

Another barrier to avoid is the one between your shower and the rest of the bathroom, whether it’s a small elevation or a large one. For that reason, the safest and most accessible option is a curbless shower. It provides a smooth transition from one area to another without any risk of danger.

Shower Accessories

Bathroom with shower accessories

A curbless shower doesn’t suffice in a universal bathroom design. You should also accessorize the shower. 

For instance, not everyone can stand for prolonged periods. But shower benches can quickly solve this issue. 

Other accessories to consider are:

  • Handheld shower heads;
  • Grab bars;
  • Tiles with bold colors;
  • Recess storage.

Bright Lighting

Some homeowners prefer soft and minimal light in the bathroom. However, it’s always wise to have more options. So, for your universal design bathroom, install multiple lighting sources. 

For instance, you can install one ceiling light and several task lights to cover the entire area. In addition, the lighting switches should be more accessible – at a lower height and not placed between furniture items. 

Consider the Details

When designing a universal bathroom, the details matter most as they greatly influence people’s comfort and safety. 

For maximum comfort, we suggest you do the following:

  • Install slip-resistant flooring;
  • Visually separate different areas;
  • Place hooks instead of towel bars;
  • Choose a floating vanity;
  • Include a bidet;
  • Install comfort-height toilets;
  • Personalize fixtures with apps and smart technology.

Schedule a Professional Bathroom Remodel

Switching your regular bathroom to one with a universal design can be a complex and exhausting ordeal. But it will pay off in the end, especially if you choose H.E. Feldman & Son as your contractors!

We are one of the premier general contractors in St. Petersburg, Florida, offering a variety of home remodeling and construction services. Use our expertise to transform your bathroom into a luxurious relaxation spot.
Contact our diligent bathroom remodeling team and schedule a free quote for your universal design makeover.

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