What You Should Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

What You Should Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners in the US spent an average of $7,560 on home improvement projects in 2018. Remodelings are popular and exciting. However, they come with costs and challenges.

Before you go out and buy the trendiest bathtub design, there are things to consider to ensure your bathroom remodel in St. Petersburg, FL turns out exactly how you want it. 

Because a bathroom remodel can be stressful and expensive, we created a simple checklist to ensure the remodeling runs smoothly. Check it out below!

The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist

The Ultimate Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Bathroom remodeling isn’t something you can do on the spur of the moment — it takes planning and preparation. Stick to our checklist to make sure you do it correctly:

  1. Set a Budget 

You can search online for the average prices in your area, but each project is different. Before you start your bathroom project, decide the sum you’re willing to spend. A predetermined budget will assist you in determining what you want to include in the project.

The materials, space, and project intensity will affect how much you pay. Deciding on a budget and knowing how much you can spend on the materials will assist you in decision-making.

  1. Evaluate the Available Space

You must be wise when deciding on the design. Usually, bathrooms are the smallest rooms, so maximizing every inch of available space is critical.

In addition, take measurements of the area and decide on the bathroom layout. We assure you that nothing will aggravate you more than buying fixtures that don’t fit.

  1. Think About Bathroom Issues 

It is wise to consider the bathroom’s previous problems. Hiring professionals to handle your bathroom remodel in St. Petersburg, FL will reduce the likelihood of issues arising. Water damage, poor plumbing, rotten fixtures, non-waterproof elements, etc., can be the source of the most hidden severe problems, so get ahead of them.

  1. Style and Functionality 

You can achieve endless bathroom designs and styles, whether you want to complement the other rooms or get something unique. Before deciding on the fixtures, consider the overall look. Decide on a tub or shower (or both), colors, vanities, tiles, etc. And you should know that design and functionality go together, so you should also consider recycling systems and water monitoring.

  1. Consider Areas That Are Frequently Overlooked 

Don’t make the mistake of finishing a remodeling project and only then realize that some features you never considered would have looked excellent. Instead, prevent this by considering all the aspects of your bathroom. Don’t forget about good lighting, enough storage, flooring upgrades, proper ventilation, and a hot water tank.

Reputable Contractors for Bathroom Remodeling in St. Petersburg, FL

As you can see, many things go into planning and preparation when remodeling your bathroom. So, hire a professional contractor to complete your bathroom remodel in St. Petersburg, FL, to save time and effort. 

We at H.E. Feldman & Son Builders & Remodelers will make sure to accomplish all your wants and needs for your bathroom. Plus, working with experts will reduce the likelihood of problems in the future, and you will be at peace knowing that professionals remodeled your bathroom.

Contact us today, and bring your vision to life!

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