Preparing for a Kitchen Remodeling

Preparing for a Kitchen Remodeling

You must be excited if you plan to have a kitchen remodeling project. You know exactly what you want, and you can’t wait to see the results. But did you stop to think about what it entails?

First, you need to clear out the kitchen before the contractor can work on it. Second, you cannot use the kitchen while work is ongoing. So where will you cook? And since the sink and dishwasher are in the kitchen, how do you wash up the pots, pans, and dishes? You must prepare for all these before the project starts.

Take note that the average kitchen remodeling project lasts six to eight weeks. It can last as long as three to five months if you do a complete renovation. Take this into account in your planning.

Packing Up Before a Kitchen Remodeling

Keep things organized by starting preparations a few weeks before the scheduled kitchen remodeling. Plan where to store your kitchen’s contents. Clear out space in a spare room on the first floor. The attic and the basement are not good options because you will have to carry boxes up or down.

If you don’t have a spare room, distribute boxes among all the bedrooms on the first floor. Family members will just have to share the inconvenience for a while. If all the bedrooms are upstairs, find space in the garage.

Make sure you have enough packing and labeling supplies. Start packing kitchen items that you do not use in daily cooking first, including food supplies for baking or special dishes. Pack things stored together in the kitchen in the same boxes and label them to make it easier for you to unpack and put things back. Separate food from non-food items. Protect breakables with bubble wrap or newspaper.

This is also an excellent time to declutter. Identify items you no longer need. Place these in a separate box for giving away. 

Put away the kitchen blinds or curtains and rods and any wall decor. Decide if you will be using them in the new kitchen. If not, pack or give them away.

You do not have to consume its contents if you can transfer your refrigerator somewhere else in the house during the kitchen remodeling. If it has to stay in the kitchen, make sure you consume all perishables before the scheduled work.

The last things you should pack are the things you will need to prepare your meals while work is ongoing. That includes enough pots, pans, dishes, and basic cooking and eating utensils to get you through the food items and seasonings you need. Don’t forget the cleaning supplies.

One of the last things you must do before work starts is to ensure that all kitchen appliances are unplugged. Disconnect the supply of electricity, gas, and water to the kitchen. Empty the water drain pipes.

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Setting Up an Alternative Kitchen

If you have an induction or electric stove that is not built into your kitchen counter, you can use this in your temporary kitchen. If your stove is built-in, you can purchase an inexpensive stove from a dollar store. Make sure it works with your pots and pans. If you have a microwave, a toaster oven, and a crockpot, these will also be handy for meal preparation.

Set up a long table far away from the kitchen so as not to be affected by the dust of the renovation work. Pick a space close to a bathroom. You will need a source of water and a place to wash things.

Set up temporary extension cords for your cooking equipment. Do not plug more than one piece of equipment into an extension, which can overload it and cause a fire.

Plan simple meals that are quick and easy to prepare. If you cannot use your refrigerator, use ingredients you can store without refrigeration. Cook only enough food for each meal since you cannot store leftovers.

Other Home Preparations

You also need to prepare other rooms adjacent to the kitchen. If workers will pass through them, protect the floors. Consult your contractor on the best inexpensive floor protector to use.

Put old curtains or table cloths over furniture and computers to protect them from construction dust. Remove anything hanging on the wall because vibrations from the construction work can cause them to fall off.

If you have pets, keep them in the basement temporarily to keep them safe. That is also for the safety of the workers because pets can come underfoot and cause accidents. You can also ask a relative or friend to temporarily take them in or bring them to a pet boarding facility.

Have a Good Working Relationship with the Contractor and Workers

Establish a good working relationship with the contractor from the start. Get to know the workers because they will be in your home for a long time.

Make sure you are on the same page on everything, from the planned changes to the timeline. That will ensure a smooth kitchen remodeling job.

H.E. Feldman & Son will make your kitchen remodel as easy and painless as possible. Contact us for a consultation on remodeling your kitchen.

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