A Small Bathroom: 10 Remodeling Tips

A Small Bathroom: 10 Remodeling Tips

A bathroom that measures 50 square feet or less is a small bathroom. If it is a full bath, it must include a toilet, sink, shower, and storage for bathroom essentials. If your bathroom fits this description but you want a tub, you might be wondering how to fit it in. Most small bathrooms feel cramped. Using them day in and day out can be depressing.

A bathroom is supposed to be comfortable and refreshing, not cramped and cluttered. If you have a small bathroom, don’t worry. Small bathroom remodeling can do wonders even without removing walls and expanding the space.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Maximize Space

The main challenge in small bathroom remodeling is how to make the most of the tight space. However, there are many solutions to this. The following are some of them: 

Sliding Doors

Replace the bathroom door with a sliding door, and do the same with the shower partition. This frees up space that would have otherwise been used up by opening and closing doors. 

Do not use frosted glass as it will visually cut the space. Just attach a few waterproof decorative stickers at eye level on the clear glass, so you do not bump into it.


The conventional cabinets under the sink and behind the bathroom mirror are often inadequate. If you use a lot of products for skin care after your bath, you may find that there is not enough space to store them in and not enough counter space to put them on during your routine.

You can add more counter space by using a smaller sink and surrounding it with a counter that extends to the wall by the door. Remember the space you freed up there? Now you can put it to good use.

Also, replace your medicine cabinet with one that is custom-made to make the most of your wall space. You can have it so it extends from the wall by the door to above the toilet. For extra space, make sure your cabinet has sliding mirrors. This allows you to keep one side of the cabinet open so that your products are within reach while you do your skin care routine. 

You can also install tiled shelves on the wall of your shower to hold your soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other bath essentials. By using the same tiles as the wall, they will blend in and won’t make the shower space look cramped.

Rounded Corners

You do not want to be bumping into sharp corners in a tight space. Make sure that your counter has rounded corners. This will also give you a few more inches of space to move in.

Slim Toilet

There is a wide variety of toilets to choose from. Find one that is slim and sleek to take up the least space.

Sitting Tub

Yes, you can have a tub in a small bathroom. Have it custom-made to fit the space under your shower. A Japanese-type sitting tub deep enough to soak up to your chin in hot water will be wonderful.

comfortable small bathroom

Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Create the Illusion of Space

A tiny enclosed space can feel claustrophobic. You can eliminate this feeling through some tricks in your small bathroom remodeling.


The large mirror on your custom-made bathroom cabinet would have already visually expanded your bathroom to about twice its size. Go further and install a full-length mirror on the inner side of the bathroom’s sliding door.

In addition to providing a space-expanding illusion, a full-length mirror also comes in handy when you are dressing up in the bathroom.


Your entire bathroom must be monochromatic, from the fixtures to the tiles and the painted walls and ceiling. Having the floor and ceiling the same color as the walls creates the illusion that the room is taller.

Choose white or a pastel shade that is almost white for the most spacious effect. Dark colors make a room feel smaller.

Extra-Large Tiles

Use the largest tiles you can find. Large patterns make the space look roomier. The worst tiles you can use in a small bathroom are tiny mosaic tiles.

Ensure that the tiles are non-slip so you do not have to use non-slip mats. Having too many elements on the floor makes a space look cramped.


Use recessed lighting so that light fixtures do not intrude into the space. Flood the space with light to further benefit from its light color.

Bring in natural light through a large window if you can. Use one-way film to give you privacy while enjoying a view of the outdoors. This further eliminates the closed-in feel of the small space.

Floor Space

Ensure that your toilet is also a hanging toilet. Do not allow the cabinet beneath the sink to touch the floor. After all, you have already added storage space through your mirrored cabinet.

Leaving even just four inches of free floor space under the toilet and the sink allows the eye to see across the room and creates the illusion of having more space.

Work with a reputable professional contractor with vast experience to ensure that all your goals are achieved. Contact H.E. Feldman & Son for a consultation on your bathroom remodeling project in Florida.

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