Tips and Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

Tips and Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

Building an outdoor kitchen can be a challenging task. However, you can easily navigate this process with the right ideas and general contractors. In the US in 2021/2022, 53% of respondents in a survey hired a general contractor for kitchen remodeling.

The cost of remodeling will vary mainly on the appliances and materials used. But it’s best to request an estimation from a general contractor.

Below, we’ll discuss various remodel tips and ideas for your outdoor kitchen in St. Petersburg, FL.

Tips and Ideas for the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

So, what are the essential points to remember when remodeling an outdoor kitchen? 

Evaluate the Space

Consider whether your existing layout is functional. Maybe you’ll have to make some changes to accommodate your project. You can always choose a new setup if you want to add more features and include more appliances. Examine whether you’ll benefit more from a U-shape, G-shape, L-shape, or a single counter. 

If the existing layout works for you, you can relocate the appliances to make them more functional. Decide whether your outdoor kitchen will be an extension of the indoor kitchen or serve as a separate kitchen. Your decision will significantly influence the design.

Choose the Right Design 

Features to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen

The design will depend mainly on the purpose of your outdoor kitchen. Think whether you want a casual space or a more fancy kitchen with a matching dining area. Planning ahead will help minimize errors and additional costs.

Regarding the design, consider appliances as well. Of course, you will have a barbecue for your family gatherings, but decide whether you also need a pizza oven, work burner, smoker, or a fridge.

Use Good Lighting 

Lighting is an essential aspect of the outdoor kitchen. It should be subtle, not overpowering, and only as bright as is required for the crucial areas. To create a shadow-free space, you should strategically install LEDs. 

Or, you can use different lighting fixtures to brighten the area perfectly. For example, soft lighting can be provided by downlights, while the work areas should have task lighting to make functioning in the kitchen easier. It is also critical to include lighting along stairways and walkways to avoid tripping and falling.

Choose Durable Materials 

Because open-air kitchens are exposed to outdoor conditions all year, durability is essential. Even with excellent weather protection, an outdoor kitchen requires more robust materials than your indoor kitchen. 

We recommend choosing appliances powerful enough for the outdoors. Select heavy-duty cabinets made of high-quality plastic — even better if they have a wood shell or stainless steel coating. In addition, choose weatherproof materials like flagstone, brushed granite, or stained concrete for your countertops.

The Best Contractors for Remodeling Outdoor Kitchens 

You will enjoy your open-air kitchen all year round if you include the right features.

H.E. Feldman & Son can help you create a comfortable environment for the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Our expert team will make the remodeling process easy from start to finish. 

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