How Long Will It Take To Install Tiles in Your Bathroom?

How Long Will It Take To Install Tiles in Your Bathroom?

Back in 2019, some bathroom designers decided to put fun into a nature break by putting words into the tiles of bathroom floors. One said “Howdy” and another “You’re Beautiful.” Not everyone was impressed. It was a “charming-or-annoying” kind of design, but it showed that you can do something with bathroom tiles to make your toilet less boring. 

If this is something you want to do in your bathroom, you might be wondering how long it would take you to complete the job. 

The Ideal Timeframe

Many home remodeling sites agree that a skilled tiler takes an average time of 6-8 hours to tile a 40-square-foot room, complete with grouting and cleaning. Do-it-yourself jobs, however, may take more than that, about 10 to 16 hours. 

Tiling duration also depends on the materials and tools. All in all, the entire project may finish within three to four days, including waiting times from prep to tiling, tile installation to drying, drying to grouting, and sealing and cleaning.

To determine how long it will take, allocate one hour for layout and prep work, one hour for cleaning and grouting each square foot, and at least 24 hours before grouting after installation.

Factors That Affect Tile Installation Time

Factors That Affect Tile Installation Time

Here, let’s  examine the numerous elements that affect the time it takes for tiling a bathroom. 

Tiler’s Skill

Before anything else, the expertise of the tile installer is the main factor in speeding up or slowing down the job. Hiring a professional contractor to install your bathroom tiles is the best way to save time. Tilers can bill by the task or the hour, but they always base their prices on their hourly rate.

Doing the task yourself will save you money, but it will not save you time. Plus, the risk of errors can potentially bloat your budget as you need to undo your mistake. If you don’t have the luxury of so many days to do a hit-or-miss or finish the project, hiring a professional is your best option.

Your Bathroom’s Size

It takes longer to lay tiles in a large bathroom than in a typical restroom, assuming the dimensions of the bathroom are 2 m x 1.7 m x 2.4 m. If the window and door are typical, it will take two to three days to install the tiles on the walls. The bottom tiling, windows, and grouting process can be done in three days.

Size of the Bathroom Tiles

The size of the tiles should be taken into account when selecting them, as larger tiles will cover more space and require fewer tiles overall. Measure your tiles in relation to the floor and find tiles that fit perfectly to avoid trimming, as trimming uneven tiles can take longer.

Curing and Preparation

The bathroom floor must be flat and level when tiling, and a backer-board should be added to conceal protrusions. After tiling, wait 24 hours before walking on it, and factor this time into the installation budget.

Cleaning and Grouting

Grouting is the process of filling up the gaps and cavities in your tiles with a dense fluid that hardens to hold them in place. It prevents the tiles from moving and creating more gaps. You need to apply a sealer 48-72 hours after grouting to let the grout dry fully. Remove any excess grout with soapy water. This process can take some time as it requires numerous washings to completely remove all of the additional grout.

Work with Bathroom Remodeling Experts

Without the assistance of professionals, remodeling your bathroom and doing other related tasks such as tiling may prove to be difficult. H.E. Feldman & Son is here to work with you to do everything swiftly and within the highest standards. We will help you realize your design idea for your bathroom with our range of products and styles and some design advice from our specialists.Contact us for a free quote today.

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