Do I Need a Custom Home Build Warranty?

Do I Need a Custom Home Build Warranty?

The number of completed residential houses in the U.S. is at $1.365 million – an increase from the $1.305 million a year ago. That is no surprise, considering how demanding the housing market is now. Many are opting to build their homes instead of buying them. 

House construction is as risky as it is rewarding. You can rely on custom home builders St Petersburg FL for all your construction needs, but it is always a good idea to be as protected as possible.

Keep reading to find out if a custom home build warranty is the right choice for you.

Difference Between a Home Warranty and a Build Warranty

Many people confuse and conflate home and build warranties. That’s understandable, as the two are very similar. But their differences are quite significant.

If you are looking to become a homeowner through the construction of your house or you want to remodel it, a build warranty is the one you should be concerned with.

A build warranty is a contract between a builder and a buyer, or rather the client who is having the house built. Unlike the home warranty, the build warranty incorporates the elements that are a built-in component of the house. 

In case you run into any issues with elements like concrete floors, the roof, or the plumbing, the build warranty will cover all the expenses.

Custom Home Build Warranty

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The warranty as a contract includes several items that are a typical part of this type of agreement. Those items are insulation, heating, and cooling systems, plumbing, glasswork, doors and windows, and a few other parts inherent to the house.

However, if you decide to hire a contractor, you can negotiate the terms of the warranty before you sign the contract for the building or the remodeling That way, you can include other less usual items. You might be able to include items like shrinkage of joints or insect damage in your custom build warranty.

Duration of Warranty

The warranty is essentially a contract, and all contracts depend on the location and the parties involved. Nevertheless, there are certain tenets that most warranties contain, which exist regardless of the state you are signing the contract.

One of those is the duration of the home build warranty. Most build warranties have a span of 10 years, but it should be noted that the levels of protection during those 10 years may change. Certain types of protection might even stop before the warranty expires.

H.E. Feldman & Son: Choosing the Right Contractor

The custom home build warranty exists for your protection. By getting it, you make sure your home is taken care of for a decade. However, the build warranty should only be a safety net that you never use.

You can achieve that by hiring a good builder or remodeler that will do the job professionally and without any errors. This is where H.E. Feldman & Son can help!

With over forty years of building experience, our team can provide you with the highest quality service and homes that will last. Whether you are looking to build a custom home or remodel parts of your already existing one, you can depend on us. 
Contact us today and get a free consultation for your next home project!

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