Contemporary Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Contemporary Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

It’s said that the kitchen is the most used part of the house, so it’s no wonder that most of the revenue from kitchen and dining furniture is generated in the United States. Preparing family meals in a beautifully designed kitchen under the sky is a bonus to the cooking experience. 

Outdoor kitchens should be inviting and practical, and at the same time well-equipped and stylish. If you ever wanted to add value to your backyard and elevate the outdoor lifestyle, now is the time to do that – and here’s how. 

What to Consider For Your Outdoor Kitchen

It’s essential to know what installing an outdoor kitchen will entail.Make sure you have planned every detail before starting the project or you may get blindsided. Remember these six tips:

  1. Define the overall use of the kitchen.
  2. Consider using waterproof materials.
  3. Carefully choose the kitchen location.
  4. Make the kitchen functional.
  5. Foresee coverage and protection during unpredictable weather.
  6. Add a personalized touch.

Inspirational Kitchen Design Ideas

Choosing the best outdoor kitchen design for your space may be difficult but you don’t have to be intimidated by the creative process. Here are some suggestions that might help. 

Bar Style Kitchen Design

A very practical design for those who like to entertain and have large gatherings. The grilling area is where all the cooking happens. If you don’t like cooking alone, install a bar opposite the grilling area and ask guests to keep you company and have a drink. 

The large dining table where you will enjoy the cooked meal should be placed a few feet away. 

Kitchens for Fine Dining

Woman Holding Wine Glass Selective Focus Photography

Florida is an excellent state for outside entertaining, thanks to the good weather all-year-round. If you have an area by the pool that sits empty, use it to create an outdoor kitchen. Install stylish and fully-equipped cooking and dining areas. Decorate it with modern light fixtures and add a trendy yet practical dining table.

Balcony Kitchens

For those living in apartments with balconies, we got you covered. Balconies may not be large enough for fully equipped outdoor kitchens, but you can still make use of them. Install a compact grilling station and a seating area that fits your space perfectly. Add some light fixtures, choose a few interesting-looking plants, or incorporate personalized decor details.

Those backyard owners will be so envious of your private paradise.

The Uniqueness of Vertical Gardens

Okay, you have installed your kitchen and it’s exactly as you wanted it, yet something is still missing. Use the wall behind it to build a vertical garden. The mixture of colors from the different plants will add contrast and at the same time represent a piece of modern art. Think about using a section of the vertical garden to plant spices and enjoy the aroma of oregano, mint or thyme. 

And best of all, you can use the spices as fresh ingredients when cooking. 

A Rooftop Kitchen

If you have a rooftop that is sitting empty, turn it into a kitchen! Roofs have enough space to create a cozy and inviting kitchen and dining area. To protect your family and guests from the sun, install a pergola and plant a perennial vine of your choice to decorate the space. 

Use furniture with a contemporary design and colors to make the space warm and inviting.

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