What Factors Affect Commercial Renovation Costs?

What Factors Affect Commercial Renovation Costs?

Calculating renovation costs is a challenging task for both residential and commercial projects. It is no wonder many hire professional cost estimators to determine total building costs.

As your trusted builders in St Petersburg, FL, we share key factors affecting commercial renovation costs.


Renovating a commercial building in a rural area is much cheaper than renovating one in an urban area. The reasons for this include the variations in labor, material, and building code regulation costs. If the commercial building is located somewhere with adverse weather conditions, expect costs to be higher. Also, renovation contractors will charge you for working in heat waves or storms. 

Do a complete site assessment to get acquainted with the conditions and be able to estimate the costs. 

Building Quality

When starting to make the estimations, the first thing that you do is assess the building’s quality class. This will give an overview of what costs you’ll be looking at. Commercial buildings are classified as follows:

  • Class A – High-rise buildings found in expensive areas, with high-end exteriors and interiors. 
  • Class B – Buildings located near the central business center, with average pictures and details, though fully functional.
  • Class C – Often located in lower-income areas, without modern amenities and fixtures, these buildings are usually bought as investment properties. 

Size and Complexity

The more complex the renovation project, the longer the duration and the higher the costs. However, you should pay less per square foot for a larger area. One other thing to consider is the option to get discounts. Ordering supplies in bulk is cheaper, so there should be some room for price adjustments. Use the blueprint plan and design drawing to make almost accurate estimations and get a fair estimate. 

Building Codes 

Selecting a Home Builder

Commercial renovation costs will significantly be affected by the building codes that apply to the project. Building codes are known to evolve due to climate factors, so you can always expect coming changes. Ensure you have included energy, environmental, and safety building costs in your estimations. Also, try to learn which building codes are applicable in the city and state where the renovation project is located. 

Related Permits

Almost all work done on commercial buildings requires building permits. This includes electrical and plumbing works, mechanical works, and new framing. Getting regulatory body approvals tends to be expensive, so ensure you have permit costs in your total estimations. 

Labor and Renovation Material

Costs for labor and building materials tend to fluctuate throughout the year or between seasons. Bargaining regarding labor and building materials is much easier in the fall than in spring or summer. Concerning materials, the cost will greatly depend on the desired quality. High-end renovations will significantly increase the budget.  

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