Renovation 101: Tips and Ideas for Basement Remodeling

Renovation 101: Tips and Ideas for Basement Remodeling

The average cost of a basement remodel can range between $4,200 and $45,000, depending on the square footage, basement condition, and intended results. 

Basement finishing or remodeling is a perfect way to gain more usable space in your home. A good basement remodel can increase the value of your home and allow for a return on investment – monetary or otherwise. You can even use the newly obtained space as a rental unit to earn some passive income. 

As your reliable basement remodel specialist in St. Petersburg, FL, we share tips to ensure a successful renovation. 

Tips on Basement Remodeling 

To ensure you do a good job consider these helpful tips:

  • Space inspection. Before you begin, make sure you or a professional take a look at the space to make sure there are no structural issues. Also, keep a lookout for any water damage, mold, or mildew. 
  • Water and moisture. Almost all basements are located at least partially underground, so moisture will always be a potential threat. Make sure you use water-resistant materials that will prevent any water damage in the future and reduce humidity in your basement.
  • Ventilation and lighting. Make sure your space is properly lit and ventilated. It’s best to have an actual window in addition to your vents, if possible.
  • Purpose. Think about the ideal purpose for your basement space, so you can plan your renovation accordingly.
  • Soundproofing. Consider soundproofing your basement, especially if you’re thinking about converting it into a home theatre or a playroom for your children.
  • Egress window. Opt to install an egress window and provide an additional exit way from your basement in the event of an emergency. 

Ideas for Basement Remodeling

These basement ideas will allow you to maximize your space and increase your property’s value:

  • A game room. With enough living space, you can turn your basement into a game room to enjoy with family and friends. You can go old-school with some nice foosball and billiard tables and a dart board. If you’re more of an online gamer, you can get some gaming equipment.
  • A bar. Convert your basement into a bar to spice up your home. Entertain guests while you sip martinis in your brand-new home bar area. 
  • A home office. A home office space is ideal if you work from home. You can create the perfect workspace with everything you need to be even more productive at your job.
  • Lounge area. Create a relaxing and comfortable lounge area for you and your loved ones in the privacy of your basement. You can customize it and use it for everyday leisure activities. Your main living space will stay nice and tidy in case any unexpected visitors arrive. 
  • A home theatre. If you’re a movie buff, you can create a home theatre in your basement with a little bit of investment and professional help. Just don’t forget to soundproof the space. 
  • A guest suite. Convert your basement into a guest suite for your visitors. Or, for extra profit, you can consider renting the suite out. It’s a lot cheaper than building it from scratch. 

Transform Your Basement Today

If you need a basement remodel in Saint Petersburg FL, H.E. Feldman & Son provides the best service. Our professionals are experienced in all home remodeling projects. Learn more and contact us today to book a consultation and get one step closer to creating your dream space.

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