Inspiring Ideas and Designs for Kitchen Renovation

Inspiring Ideas and Designs for Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is one of the most complex and costly home improvement projects to undertake because of the many elements that have to come together – the countertops, cabinets, floors, and sinks. Since the kitchen is also the center of activity during mealtimes, a kitchen remodel can disturb a household’s daily routine.

But why is it top-of-mind to many homeowners who are considering a home refurbishing?

Based on the 2022 Remodeling Impact Report of the National Association of REALTORS®, published in, kitchen renovations contribute an estimated 75% resale value. Although it ranked only 9th in the list of home improvement projects, the significant return on investment when a property gets sold prompts homeowners to take the investment risk. 

If you’re considering a kitchen overhaul, this article shares a few suggestions about which parts to change and how. Keep reading.

Kitchen Floors

Floors, in general, have a resale value of more than 100%, for both new floor installations and hardwood finishes. For kitchens, you may want to carry the tile from the floor to the backsplash for a unified look. You may choose from a variety of kitchen flooring materials, such as wood or natural stone. 

For a special touch, consider installing the tiles or wood pieces in distinct patterns like the chevron or herringbone. Just make sure to do a preview of the outcome before you permanently cement the tiles in place.


Refinishing cabinet

Refinishing cabinets is the most popular partial kitchen upgrade. Kitchen cabinets offer a blank canvas on which to paint your personal style. With the help of professional home improvement contractors, you can find a color and pattern that suits your taste. 

Traditional white or wood-finished cabinets are no longer popular with designers and homeowners. Instead, they are embracing surprising hues like black, navy blue, and bright blue. 

In terms of cabinet hardware, nickel, brass, and gold are currently popular. When coupled with dark colors like those mentioned above, these dazzling knobs, pulls and hinges look stunning. 


The backsplash acts as a focal point of your primary cooking area. You can enhance the beauty of your kitchen by simply changing your backsplash. Thanks to the abundance of attractive tiles and natural stone materials, this is quite an easy thing to do. 

Choose mother-of-pearl for a glitzy appearance. Get in on the subway tile trend for the classic, timeless look. Create a diamond pattern of tiles and natural materials for a striking accent. Or for something common but different, do a contrasting tile assembly of black and white. 

Islands and Bar Stools

An island adds style and convenience to a kitchen. It functions as the prep area, the dining table, the temporary place for grocery bags, and other things. With a set of matching bar stools, your island is where family and friends can bond over breakfast, a quick snack, or random chats. 

Kitchen islands made of marble add luxury to your home. Imagine a Perla or Bianco marble paired with stark black cabinets and a pure white background. You can go through multiple kitchen island ideas with your professional contractor.

Kitchen Storage

Increase the amount of storage in your kitchen. Slide-out shelves, toe-kick drawers, cabinets for cookie sheets, lids, and cutting boards are all good options. Moreover, a built-in drawer with inserts for utensil canisters will be most useful.

A more innovative design to have is a built-in chopping drawer with a little hole leading to the trash can below. This makes it easier to chop vegetables and fruits and dispose of their skins and seeds without having to scoop them by hand. 

For quicker access, install a pullout drawer under the sink. If you frequently host gatherings, a built-in linen rack will give you access to freshly ironed linens any time.

As for storing appliances, it can be difficult to lift large items like cake mixers onto your counter. Consider installing a storage cabinet with adjustments that can raise appliances to eye (or a comfortable) level. 

Sinks and Faucets

Luxury sinks and faucets today typically come in copper, gold, brass, and nickel. But matte black faucets are also popular. While fashionable and trendy, these materials are timeless and will forever look amazing on your kitchen, regardless of the style you choose.

Jumpstart Your Project with a Professional Kitchen Remodeler

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