Ideas to Improve Outdoor Living Spaces

Ideas to Improve Outdoor Living Spaces

Due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, many Americans now consider outdoor living spaces more valuable than ever before. Outdoor living spaces are now more than just a place of recreation. People now transform them into a place of peace and restoration.

If you are also planning on improving your outdoor living space, the expert home builders at St. Petersburg, Fl, will help provide you with some helpful ideas to get you started.

Choose a Theme

The first step to improving your outdoor living space is to choose the theme. The outdoor space should ideally reflect your style, serve a specific purpose, or mimic a place you enjoy.

If you enjoy Japanese culture, for example, try enclosing your area with traditional bamboo fencing. Focus on designing the outdoor living space using a palette of mosses and evergreens. You can also get Japanese-themed furniture, a stone footpath, and an eastern-style fountain.

Choosing a theme also acts as a planning stage where you can narrow down the essentials, set the budget, and finalize the design. Make sure to list down the specifics of your theme like furniture sizes, lighting locations, and what kind of greenery you are getting.  

Having a list will prevent any unnecessary problems such as buying oversized furniture and going over your budget.

Invest in Greenery

Adding greenery enhances the look and feel of your outdoor living space. The foliage will make you feel at peace and closer to nature every time you are in the area.

Before choosing any greenery, observe what kind of landscape you have. See which section receives the most sunlight and for how long. You should also check if you have the suitable soil needed to support the plants you want.

This way, you’ll be able to identify where you’ll place the garden and if you have the right landscape to support plant growth. It’s best to choose plants native to your area since they no longer need to adapt to the climate and have a higher chance of growing.

It’s also important to ask yourself how willing you are to work hard for your greenery. Will you be diligent enough to water the plants regularly? If not, then there are low-maintenance plants that you can consider, like rhododendrons and tiger lilies.


Design An Inviting Sitting Area

A well-designed seating arrangement is an essential element of any good outdoor living space. It enables excellent conversations during gatherings and allows quiet reflections during moments of solitude.

Make sure to design your sitting area with comfort and purpose in mind. Does your theme cater to family gatherings? Then consider getting a set of chairs and tables that’s perfect for games and outdoor meals.

Do you prefer something relaxing? Try adding a hammock in a shaded corner of your outdoor space where you can lie down to read or have a refreshing drink.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Lighting

Proper lighting brings outdoor spaces to life at night. Unless you have no plan of using your outdoor space, you’ll need to install some lighting.

Try getting low-wattage LED bulbs for an intimate and romantic mood. Try placing a string of cafe lights from a balcony rail to create a festive atmosphere. Simple standing lamps and table lamps can help warm up your outdoor living space.

It’s also best practice to light up any steps for safety and avoid using high-powered bulbs that can shine directly at your neighbor’s window.

Outdoor spaces should be designed to make mundane days feel a lot better, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of money on them. All you need is a theme, a plan, and a dash of creativity.

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