Home Renovation Tips From A Professional Home Builder

Home Renovation Tips From A Professional Home Builder

Homeowners see the value of making their residential properties more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. In 2020, the total cost of U.S. home improvement amounted to $457 billion, showing that homeowners have spared no expense when beautifying their homes.

Home construction projects can be both exciting and intimidating. From selecting the right materials to ensuring structural integrity, there are many factors you need to consider when renovating or building a property. 

Don’t fret—with experience and expertise as a professional home builder in St. Petersburg, Florida, H.E. Feldman & Son is here to give tips on what makes for successful and satisfying builds. Continue reading to learn more.

Set a Budget, But Leave a Little Wiggle Room

When remodeling an existing home, your budget is the biggest factor to consider. As the homeowner, you should decide what materials you want to use and how much money you’re willing to spend. It’s essential to have a clear vision of what aesthetic and functional improvements should be made before beginning any project.

Since it is more cost-effective to use existing structures in a renovation, H.E Feldman & Son recommends assessing what parts of the home are salvageable and can be improved upon with minor modifications instead of starting from scratch. 

For example, if there are already walls or plumbing fixtures in place that can be repurposed for a new design, these options can save on labor costs while still achieving the desired results.

If new materials need to be purchased, it’s important to be realistic about the project’s requirements. Allow flexibility on your budget so your home builder can do their work without compromising quality.

Communicate Your Vision

Communicate Your Vision

After establishing your budget and the structural changes that can be made, communicate your vision to the builder or contractor. Explain what kind of look and feel you’re going for in detail so they can determine how to achieve it within budget constraints. 

Make sure to factor in any special requests, such as adding personal touches like a particular finish or custom appliance selection. It is also important to discuss timeline expectations and other details upfront with the contractor. If there are significant delays on either end, account for them when setting a completion date. 

Communication goes both ways—promptly provide any clarifications or feedback throughout each stage of the project for the best results.

Prepare Your Home for Renovation

Before beginning any major renovation project, preparing your home is essential. Move any valuables or furniture from the area where renovation will take place. Ensure that the property’s occupants are aware of the project and will steer clear of the construction area to avoid safety and health hazards.

Create a dedicated workspace with plenty of open space and durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. Ensure adequate ventilation, clear pathways from one room to another, and ample lighting. Your contractor should assist you with these tasks.

Take Pride in the Results

At the end of your home renovation project, you should feel proud and excited to show off your new and improved home. After all the hard work, there is nothing better than seeing the results of your resources come together into a beautiful space you can call home. Make the new space truly your own.

Work with a Professional Home Builder

Are you planning a home renovation project? We highly recommend working with an experienced home builder in St. Petersburg, Florida. At H.E. Feldman & Son, we cover everything from design to construction. Let’s build your home together.
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