Home Improvement Projects That Require a Permit

Home Improvement Projects That Require a Permit

The home renovation industry in the United States will likely expand by over $620 billion by the end of 2025, given the number of homeowners choosing to increase their home’s worth through upgrades and remodeling.

The goal is to bump up the value of your home by upgrading it once in a while. While most contractors would be able to handle permits for you, it still helps to know which types of projects are subject to permit requirements.

What Is a Building Permit?

To start a building project, you’ll need to apply for and receive a permit from relevant local authority. Getting a building permit is necessary to guarantee that your renovation or addition does not compromise your home’s structural integrity, pose a fire threat, or pose an electrical shock hazard to your family.

Inconvenient as it may be to obtain a building permit, know that it is for your own and your family’s safety and the protection of your investment.

What Do You Need a Permit for When Remodeling?

Homeowners must know what alterations must be approved and the potential penalties for doing so without permission.

So, when do you need a permit to work on your house? There are a few seemingly basic remodeling activities that require a permit, including:

●      Replacing or reinstalling a water heater

●      Electrical system installation and upgrades

●      Construction of a new roof and windows

●      Any work done on or replaced by your HVAC system

●      Every construction task that will involve changes

●      Repairing and updating the plumbing

●      The construction of any changing structure

Improvements That Don’t Call for a Building Permit

If you’ve been reading the state building code’s definition of the word “alter” and are now worried about previous construction projects, here’s some reassurance.

A permit is not required in some cases, such as:

●      Maintaining a garden or landscape

●      Putting up new wallpaper and paint

●      Rewiring and other minor electrical fixes

●      Putting in a new floor

●      Putting in a new sink or fixing a leaky one.

Guidelines for Obtaining a Construction Permit

Guidelines for Obtaining a Construction Permit

In St. Petersburg, you’ll need to fill out an application, submit it with the required supporting documents, and pay the building permit price.

Having the following documentation on hand will help you submit a robust application for a building permit:

●      Applicant’s full name and contact information

●      Name and address of property owners

●      Location of the property

●      Type of construction project

●      Cost estimates

●      Project scope

●      In-depth project strategies.

Who Gets the Building Permit?

In most cases, a contractor will acquire the necessary permits if you employ them to carry out the project. This is because the individual or business applying for a permit is also accountable for ensuring the work complies with regulations.

If you’re the one who initiates the permission process, you’ll be seen as the contractor by the authorities and held responsible for any issues that arise during construction.

Top Contractors in Saint Petersburg, FL

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