The Biggest Kitchen Trends of 2023

The Biggest Kitchen Trends of 2023

Did you know that the revenue from wood kitchen cabinet and countertop manufacturing in Florida is expected to reach $384,9 million by 2024? As a result, many people are investing in their kitchens and remodeling them to suit contemporary styles.

Even if you don’t want to renovate your kitchen every year, there are many creative ways to keep your favorite area modern and fresh. You can always balance the trends with timeless features reflecting your personality. 

As a trusted provider of kitchen cabinets in St. Petersburg, FL, we help you plan your upcoming remodeling project by exploring the top kitchen trends for 2023.

Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Design Trends

If you aren’t a fan of all-white kitchens, you’ll want to keep an eye on the latest kitchen trends, from layouts to cabinets and countertops. 

Here are the six biggest trends to catch up with in 2023:

Bold Islands

Kitchen islands are one of the most prevalent interior design elements. However, in 2023, kitchen islands will become more of a focal point as they will incorporate more seating.

Painting the island is an excellent way to add a hint of boldness to the kitchen. It will also help make the area appear less sterile.

Dark Stained Wood Cabinets and Drawers

Dark-stained wood cabinets are finally making a comeback! They exude comfort and counterbalance the saturated colors in your interior.

In addition, drawers are taking over the popularity of cabinets. They slide out easily and can hold a lot. They add greater convenience to your kitchen, so you’ll want to take advantage of this trend.

Two-toned Cabinetry

Two-toned cabinets can add depth and variation to your space. They are becoming more popular as more people want to personalize their kitchens. Other popular options, besides the classic black and white, are white and gray and white and blue cabinets.

Smart Technology

Wifi-connected and voice-activated appliances and innovative touchless faucets are on the rise. After all, kitchens with smart technology are more practical and time- and energy-efficient.

Natural Finishes

The natural, rustic cabinets emphasizing wood grain will create a warm and welcoming ambiance. We saw some of this trend in 2022, but we expect more wood finishes next year. The possibilities are endless – you can incorporate wood finishes into your floors, accessories, and cabinets.

H.E. Feldman & Son: The Best Choice for Kitchen Cabinets in St. Petersburg, FL

Remodeling your kitchen and incorporating some of the latest trends can be challenging to do on your own. That’s why it’s best to turn to the pros. 

 H.E. Feldman & Son will deliver stellar kitchen cabinets and other elements you need for your outdoor or indoor kitchen. You’ll get a stunning and modern kitchen design that complements the design of your home. 
To discuss your kitchen remodeling project, feel free to reach out to us at 727.409.3873 or send an email to

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