4 Advantages of Building Your Custom Home

4 Advantages of Building Your Custom Home

This year’s housing market is on fire, with houses being sold in just under 17 days, the National Association of REALTORS® claim. Unfortunately, the extreme market competition and subsequent low inventory are causing many homebuyers to get burned out.

Building their own home is quickly becoming a more plausible option for many potential buyers. But some remain unsure if it’s a worthy investment.

Having a custom home built from scratch does offer several benefits. H.E. Feldman & Son, a general contractor in St. Petersburg, FL, shares some of them in this blog.

Personalized and Custom-Made  

One important advantage of building a custom home is the freedom to design the house to your preference from the very beginning. Unlike pre-built homes and rentals, you have the opportunity to create a home that adapts to you and not the other way around.

You have the freedom to choose the light fixtures, window styles, roof color, or landscaping elements. Your custom home becomes a true expression and reflection of yourself.

Working with trusted builders or contractors to customize your house ensures you don’t overlook basic amenities and structural aspects and fall into the trap of over-customization.

Budget Flexibility

When you build a custom house, you’ll have more control over your budget. You can set the limits of your spending and be more flexible in choosing materials, features, and labor for your home construction.

For instance, you are free to build a basic dining area and invest more in creating a luxurious kitchen. You control the price range of fixtures and items that go into the project.

Make sure to make a detailed budget plan first to cover the essentials and allow enough room in your budget for unforeseen expenses.

Material Quality

One advantage of building a custom home is you are less likely to run into poor construction. Unlike pre-made homes, every material needed for construction needs to pass through you.

It allows you to scrutinize the quality of the building materials your contractors will use. It allows you to select materials you’re passionate about, such as environment-friendly materials or fixtures from your local suppliers.

Custom builders work with partner vendors that provide the construction materials. Consider choosing contractors that work with trusted vendors and brands so you can be assured of a quality build.

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Build Location

Many people consider building their custom home because they already have the land to build it on. Whether out on the prairie or in a quiet suburban community, you have the freedom to choose your location.

You may also choose the placement of your house on the lot. You can have it built far from the road or closer. You can decide the size of the house and whether or not you want a bigger outdoor space.

Make sure to inspect the location with your contractor so you can both juggle ideas on how the house will be positioned. Having a professional conceptualizing your custom property with you will help you decide better.

So, Why Should You Opt for a Custom Home?

To sum it up, a custom-built home gives you the:

  • Freedom to construct a house completely tailored to your needs and wants
  • Choice of location, position, and style of house
  • Flexibility to adjust and control your budget
  • Opportunity to build the house of your dreams

H.E. Feldman & Son can help make your vision of a perfect custom home a reality. Our company helps build high-quality homes, remodels, and commercial buildings.

Check out our portfolio page to see the various homes we have built. If you are looking for a professional team to handle your next project, contact us today to know more about the services we can offer. 

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