Simple Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom Cabinets

Simple Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom Cabinets

Are you bored with how your bathroom looks and are planning to give it a face-lift? In the US, 27% of homeowners have had a bathroom renovation, making it the most remodeled room of the home. However, not everyone has the resources to do a complete remodel.

Upgrading the cabinets is an easier and more affordable way to give the space a makeover without having to do any major renovations. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to refresh bathroom cabinets without spending much time or money—from swapping out hardware to giving them a fresh coat of paint or wood stain. 

Read on to discover some creative and budget-friendly updates that can transform outdated cabinets into showpieces!

If you think doing the work yourself is too overwhelming or tedious, you can hire a remodeling company. With decades of experience in bathroom cabinets in St. Petersburg, Florida and beyond, H.E. Feldman & Son is here to help.

Replace Hardware

One of the quickest ways to give cabinets a fresh look is by changing out the hardware. Replacing old drawer pulls, knobs, and hinges with new ones can instantly upgrade the look of your cabinets. 

Consider choosing hardware in a different color or material than what was originally installed—this will add an extra bit of visual interest to your cabinets.

Add a Splash of Color

If your cabinets are wooden, you can quickly apply a stain to breathe new life into them. If they’re already painted, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint in an updated color. This will give the entire bathroom an entirely new look and feel.

Decorate and Accentuate

Decorate and Accentuate

Finally, don’t forget to add a few decorative touches! Consider adding a few plants or the lowers near cabinets to give the room some life and color. You can also hang a few shelves on the walls above the cabinets for extra storage space.

Decorative trim or molding on the edges of your cabinets will add even more character to the overall space. Choose materials in colors that contrast with the walls or flooring for an eye-catching effect. These simple details can make a big impact and give plain cabinets more depth.

Maintain Your Cabinets 

This is a crucial step to keep your cabinets looking their best. Be sure to dust and wipe down the cabinet faces and handles regularly. Additionally, you can use a wood wax or polish periodically to protect the finish.

With just a few easy changes, you can give your bathroom cabinets an entirely new look—all while staying within budget. Whether it’s changing out hardware, applying paint, or adding unique touches, you can transform your bathroom cabinets into beautiful statement pieces.

Hire a Professional 

Hiring a professional is the best choice to ensure quality work that will last. With their experience and knowledge, they can advise on which materials and finishes are the most appropriate for your budget and desired outcome. An expert will make the entire process stress-free and give you stunning results in no time. 

Your Partner in Bathroom Remodeling

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom cabinets but don’t want to do the work yourself, turn to H.E. Feldman & Son. We specialize in home remodeling, including bathroom cabinets in St. Petersburg, Florida and the Tampa Bay area. Contact us for a free quote today.

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