Upgrading or Adding a Kitchen Island? Here Are a Few Considerations

Upgrading or Adding a Kitchen Island? Here Are a Few Considerations

Kitchen islands have developed from an appliance dedicated solely to cooking activities, like chopping or mixing, to a key component of kitchen design. Most kitchen islands now are the hangout of household residents, where they dine, chat, and do a lot of other things. As Realtor Magazine describes it, the kitchen island is “the life of the party.” 

The fact is that the island is one of the most sought-after upgrades in a kitchen, based on the Houzz 2022 U.S. Kitchen Trends Study. Most homebuyers look for it when viewing homes to purchase; thus, 57% of homeowners renovating include island installation or upgrade in their agenda.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen, too? This article will show you what to consider and how to choose your island countertops well.

Choosing Countertop Materials

Many homeowners opt for the same kind of countertop material, such as granite or quartz, for both perimeter counters and kitchen island. Some prefer these two parts to be complementary. When you plan to add an island, this is ideal. 

Consider dark gray or black granite perimeter counters and a neutral, light-colored island to accentuate the kitchen.

Calculating the Corner Radius

Calculating the Corner Radius

The corner radius is the amount of “roundness” that the countertop corner has. The corner radius on the side of the seating overhang is typically bigger and rounder due to the higher traffic in that location. Movement becomes simpler as a result.

Measuring Countertops with Overhangs

Many kitchen islands have base cabinets, which is good if you need storage. The suggested overhang measurement that doesn’t need extra reinforcement is 12 inches, if your design has a full cabinet base. The minimum overhang for sitting needs is at least 9 inches, for knee comfort, but a 12-inch maximum overhang without extra support is advisable regardless of a cabinet base.

More support brackets are required if you prefer a longer overhang. If you require support brackets, get them done before the installation date of your lovely new countertops to make the addition hassle-free.

It is also advisable to go over the various size possibilities with your contractor during your appointment for measuring.

Edge Picking

Homeowners approach edge selection in the same way they approach material selection. The exact same edge treatment is typically applied to both the island and the perimeter counters. You may select an alternative aesthetically pleasing edge if you want to give the island more detail. 

To further improve the design, include waterfall end panels. This alternative is more expensive, though, because it needs more effort and materials.

Design Alternatives

Some people go above and beyond while designing their island, even going as far as to construct it on two levels. The majority of kitchen islands are rectangular due to popular kitchen layouts and convenience. If space and design permit, some kitchen islands may have an additional sink or burner.

We Can Work on Your Dream Kitchen Island

It might be challenging to choose the ideal kitchen island and counter space for your needs, but H.E. Feldman & Son can work with you to complete everything fast and to the highest possible standard. Through our complimentary design services, or by providing you with a wide range of excellent design solutions, we can help you realize your vision. 

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